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IPS is a comprehensive global provider of accounts payable outsourcing and payroll outsourcing services for mid-sized to multi-million dollar public and private companies across many industries all over the globe.

Optimization for Accounts Payable & Payroll


As organizations strive towards higher profitability, the Accounts Payable function becomes a key contributor towards working capitalization, optimization and generating cash savings.

We have in-depth understanding of the needs of customers in various industries, in addition to extensive experience, and have developed our services based on that. Our accounts payable services are cost efficient, flexible, dependable and quick to implement and have been developed through the integration of many technologies. Our accounts payable services are of a quality that can be matched by few in the industry and are comprehensive and innovative.

AP recovery and procurement assessment projects help identify process and system deficiencies, along with the root causes that are driving financial leakage in the form of duplicate payments, overpayments, unused credit memos, lost/missed discounts, pricing errors, unclaimed property, outstanding checks, etc. and quantify potential cost-reduction opportunities.

Our Accounts Payable Services also include accounts payable reports, utility bill management, travel and expenses processing, tax reporting, supplier management, special project reports, and customer service.

IPS provides expert knowledge and high quality international payroll services across 135 countries to support your company and coordinate your entire payroll operations worldwide. Our goal is to support your global payroll operation by streamlining the process and providing you with the ability to access and review your data in real time.

Regardless of your company’s size, our flexible payroll services streamline payroll processes, improve productivity and simplify administration. Our familiarity with the leading payroll processors ensures we can get the most out of your current infrastructure, improving your service levels and decreasing your costs while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Working with IPS is the most efficient way to manage your most valuable assets, your employees. We offer an online HR information solution that will have a positive impact on your profitability by automating all of your critical HR functions.



Accounts Payable (AP)

“Transform your accounts payable processes into an automated system resulting in lower processing costs, improved controls, higher service levels and higher BI.”

Maximize Profit

The first and foremost benefit of outsourced accounts payable is that it helps to enhance the working capital of the business and ensures its optimal use.

Reduce Processing Costs

With the help of Accounts payable automation, you can easily reduce the cost of processing. It helps in minimizing the total time required to complete the transaction.

Avoid Late Payment Fees

Reminders and scheduling facility keep you up to date about your future payments and gives you the freedom from late payment penalties.

Never Miss an Early Payment Discount

Simultaneously, it rewards you the benefits of early payments by updating you about the profits of early payment, if any.

Avoid Duplicate Payment

Outsourcing accounts is done by experienced professionals which mitigates the possibilities of duplicate payments.

Improve Consolidation

It streamlines the complete accounts payable system, making it accurate and ensures high quality standards.



“High-quality, low-cost accounting and human resources solutions that make our clients more efficient and help them focus on their core businesses.”

Payroll Accuracy

Payroll errors are far more commonplace than you might think. Small businesses, in particular, can find it challenging keeping on top of the frequent, and often complicated changes to tax codes and legislation. An accomplished payroll outsourcing company has the experience and processes in place to avoid these errors.

Cost savings

Depending on your business and its size, outsourcing your payroll could generate considerable cost savings in the long-term. Outsourcing allows you to access efficient payroll services without having to employ a dedicated person or team internally.


The administrative functions of payroll can take up valuable man hours. And that time can be used by your team to really focus on core business issues, whatever they are. Perhaps it’s more people time. Or focussing on strategy, growth or development. It’s your choice.


There are security risks involved when managing confidential payroll data in-house. By outsourcing your payroll functions, you can ensure your data will be protected by state of the art systems.

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